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equation Algebra is great fun - you get to solve puzzles! balance

In a way it is like a game where you get somewhere by running, jumping or finding secret doors, but with Algebra you play with letters, numbers and symbols.

And once you learn some of the "tricks", it becomes a fun challenge to work out how to use your skills in solving each "puzzle".

Before learning Algebra it is good to understand Patterns.

algebra girl

The Basics

  Introduction to Algebra
  Balance when Adding and Subtracting (animation)
  Introduction to Algebra - Multiplication
  Order of Operations - BODMAS, or PEMDAS
  Equations and Formulas
  Inequalities and Solving Inequalities
definitions Basic Algebra Definitions


  What is an Exponent?
  Negative Exponents
  Reciprocal in Algebra
  Square Roots, Cube Roots, and nth Roots
  Fractional Exponents
  Laws of Exponents
  Multiply and Divide Variables with Exponents


  Expanding (removing parentheses)
  Multiplying Negatives
  Associative, Commutative and Distributive Laws
  Cross Multiply
  Fractions in Algebra


  Factoring - Introduction


  What Is A Logarithm
algebra boy
algebra girl


  What is a Polynomial?
  Adding And Subtracting Polynomials
  Multiplying Polynomials
  Polynomial Long Multiplication
  Rational Expressions
  Dividing Polynomials
  Polynomial Long Division
  Rationalizing The Denominator
  Special Binomial Products

Linear Equations

  Equation of a Straight Line
  Explore the Straight Line Graph
  Cartesian Coordinates


Quadratic Equations

  What is a Quadratic Equation
  Quadratic Equation Solver
  Factoring Quadratics
  Derivation of Quadratic Formula
  Completing the Square



  Definition of a Function


  Trigonometry Index

Sequences and Series

  Sequences and Series
  Sequences - Finding the Rule
algebra girl


More ...

Irrational Numbers
  Decimals Menu
  Fractions Menu



  Degree of an Expression