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Area Calculation Tool

Here is a handy little tool you can use to find the area of common shapes.
Choose the shape, enter the lengths, and then click "Calculate Area"

Triangle Triangle
Area = ½b×h
b = base
h = vertical height
  Square Square
Area = a2
a = length of side
Rectangle Rectangle
Area = b×h
b = breadth
h = height
  Parallelogram Parallelogram
Area = b×h
b = breadth
h = height
Trapezium Trapezoid (US)
Trapezium (UK)

Area = ½(a+b)h
h = vertical height
  circle Circle
Area = πr2
Circumference = 2πr
r = radius
ellipse Ellipse
Area = πab
  Sector Sector
Area = ½r2θ
r = radius
θ = angle in radians

For Triangles, Squares, etc:  
The base or breadth "b" is:
The height "h" is:
The length "a" is:
For Circle or Sector:  
The radius "r" is:
The angle "θ" in radians is: