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Visual Estimation

Visual Estimation is finding a value that is close enough to the right answer.

  • You are not trying to get the exact right answer
  • What you want is something that is good enough (usually in a hurry)

Example: How many objects are here:

How Many Objects

You could count them, but what if you don't need an exact answer, just one that is close enough? Can you guess well?

Answer: 48

As well as looking, you should also be thinking.

Example: If the small box has an area of "1" what is the area of the big box?:

estimate area

Try "measuring by eye" the width and height, then multiplying ... what do you come up with?

Answer: About 7×4 = 28

Estimating Counts, Lengths and More

It is a very useful skill to be able to estimate how many things you can see, or how long something is or how big something is, and so on.


  • How much wrapping paper do you need to wrap a large box?
  • How much bread do you need to make sandwiches for all your friends?
  • How many people in the room?
  • How thick should you make each slice of cake at a party?
  • How much paint do you need to paint a wall, or table?

Being good at this takes practice and experience.

So we have made some Estimation Games to help you get started!

(Have fun!)