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Elementary Math

Here is a list of our Elementary Mathematics pages, by subject.

Introduction to Numbers

Number Line

Place Value

Ordering Numbers

Kindergarten Worksheets

Basic Math Definitions

Powers of 10

Roman Numerals

Whole Numbers

Using Numbers

Multiplication Tables

Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers

Multiplying Negatives

Equal, Less and Greater Than

Worksheets: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

Long Division, Long Division Worksheets

Associative, Commutative and Distributive Laws

Rounding Numbers

Number Theory

Common Number Patterns

Pascal's Triangle

Prime and Composite Numbers

Prime Numbers Chart

Prime Factorization

Divisibility Rules

Squares and Square Roots


Introduction to Fractions

Fractions Menu


Introduction to Decimals

Decimals Menu


Introduction to Percentages

Percentages Menu


Equation of a Straight Line

Straight Line Graph

Cartesian Coordinates

Interactive Cartesian Coordinates

Polar and Cartesian Coordinates

Bar Graph


Solid Geometry Menu

Plane Geometry Menu




Reflection Symmetry

Rotational Symmetry

Point Symmetry

Symmetry Artist

Tessellation Artist

Elementary Algebra

Introduction to Algebra

Balance when Adding and Subtracting

Introduction to Algebra - Multiplication

Basic Algebra Definitions


Order of Operations - BODMAS, or PEMDAS

Lengths, Areas and Volumes

How to Convert Lengths

Area and Perimiter Calculation, How to Convert Areas

How to Convert Volumes

Converting Temperatures (Celsius and Fahrenheit)

Accuracy and Precision


Time - Clocks

Time AM/PM vs 24 Hour Clock

Adding and Subtracting Time

Sun Clock

World Time Zones

Earth's Orbit and Daylight

Leap Years


And these might be useful, too ...

Scientific Calculator

Function Grapher

General Math Tools

If there is something you would like changed or created, just let me know! I love suggestions and comments or leave a message at the Math is Fun Forum.