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A pentagon has 5 straight sides


A pentagon is a 5-sided polygon (a flat shape with straight sides).

This is a pentagon: Pentagon
And this is also a pentagon: Pentagon

So long as it has 5 straight sides, it is still a pentagon

Regular or Irregular

If all angles are equal and all sides are equal, then it is regular, otherwise it is irregular

Regular Pentagon Irregular PentagonIrregular Pentagon
Regular Pentagon Irregular Pentagons

Is it a Pentagon?

A pentagon has 5 straight lines. The shape must also be closed (all the lines connect up).

Pentagon Not a Pentagon Not a Pentagon
(straight sides)
Not a Pentagon
(has a curve)
Not a Pentagon
(open, not closed)


Make a Regular Pentagon

You can make a regular pentagon with a strip of paper!

Start with a long strip of paper, make sure it is the same width all along (if you want the pentagon to be regular):

Strip oif Paper

Make a "pretzel" knot with the paper.

Pretzel knot

Carefully tighten the knot while keeping the paper flat.

Pretzel knot ..... Pretzel knot

Trim off (or fold back) any excess.

Pretzel knot

All sides are now of equal length, and all angles should be the same too.