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Who Owns the Crocodile

There are 5 girls in a long row in maths.

Each girl has a favourite chocolate bar, colour, pet, hobby, and would like to go on a certain holiday.

All the girls like different things.

Your task is to solve the following clues - "who owns the crocodile"


  • Jo likes the Wispa Bite
  • The person with the hamster likes swimming
  • Hannah eats Dairy Milk
  • Jessica is on the left of Georgina
  • Lucy is the first on the left
  • The first person on the right likes swimming
  • The person who eats Milky Bars owns a horse
  • The person in the middle eats Dairy Milk
  • Jessica likes green
  • The person on the left of the middle wants to go to Tobago
  • The person who wants to go to the Maldives likes lilac
  • The person who likes Wispa Bites sits next to the person who wants to go to Florida
  • The person who likes pink wants to go to Florida
  • the person who sits first on the left likes lilac
  • The girl that likes blue owns a puppy
  • The person who likes skiing sits next to the person who has a hamster
  • The girl on the right of the girl who likes tennis likes horse riding
  • The girl next to the girl who likes Milky Bars likes Boost
  • The girl who likes purple wants to got to Canada
  • The girl who likes Crunchies owns a rabbit
  • The girl who likes skiing sits next to the girl who plays ten-pin bowling
  • Jessica wants to go to Australia


    This puzzle was created by pupils from Wadebridge School in Cornwall.

    The answer can be found on our Math Forum.