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Hexxagon - Capture your opponents pieces, but be careful, the enemy is VERY skilful !   Play » Play Hexxagon
Shanghai - Find matching pairs to eliminate them, but only if free. A bit of Chinese culture, internet style.   Play » Play Shanghai
Warthog - Place the hand grenades carefully, then blow up your car to save the planet.   Play » Play Warthog
AddEmUp - It's a stratgy game with a difference.   Play » Play AddEmUp
Advanced Battleship Game - You get 5 shots each round.   Play » Play Advanced Battleship Game
AllOut - All Out. Turn all the red tokens blue … if you can!   Play » Play AllOut
Battleship - Classic Battleship.   Play » Play Battleship
Darts - Addictive 501-point dart game.   Play » Play Darts
Frendz - They are cute, but will soon outnumber you if you're not careful.   Play » Play Frendz
Mad Virus - Mad Virus   Play » Play Mad Virus
Tanks - Multiple terrains, multiple weapons - get them before they get you!   Play » Play Tanks