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Who Lives in the City?

Puzzles -> Einstein Puzzles

puzzle5 people are standing in a queue for plane tickets in Germany; each one has a name, an age, a favourite TV program, where they live, a hairstyle and a destination.

Names: Bob, Keeley, Rachael, Eilish and Amy
TV programs: the Simpsons, coronation street, eastenders, desperate housewives and neighbours.
Destinations: France, Australia, England, Africa and Italy
Ages: 14,21,46,52 and 81
Hairstyle: Afro, long, straight, curly and bald
Where they live: A town, a city, a village, a farm and a youth hostel

* The person in the middle watches desperate housewives
* Bob is the first in the queue
* The person who watches the Simpsons is next to the person who lives in a youth hostel
* The person going to Africa is behind Rachael
* The person who lives in a village is 52
* The person who is going to Australia has straight hair
* The person travelling to Africa watches Desperate Housewives
* The 14 year old is at the end of the queue
* Amy watches eastenders
* The person heading to Italy has long hair
* Keeley lives in a village
* The 46 year old is bald
* The fourth in the queue is going to England
* The people with curly and straight hair are standing next to each other
* The person who watches coronation street stands net to the person with an afro
* A person next to Rachael has an afro
* The 21 year old lives in a youth hostel
* The person who watches corrie has long hair
* The 81 year old lives on a farm
* The person who is travelling to France lives in a town

(This puzzle was devised by Zoe Reader, Bourne Grammar School, Bourne, Lincolnshire, in March 2006)


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