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Measurement Index

Measurement is finding a number that shows the size or amount of something.

There are two main "Systems of Measurement": Metric and US Standard

world Metric

Introduction to the Metric System (with Maggie!)

The Metric System of Measurement

Metric Numbers

us US Standard Units

Introduction to US Standard Units (with Maggie!)

We can measure many different things, but most often we measure Length, Area, Volume, Weight and Time.



world Metric Lengths
us US Standard Lengths


world Metric Area
us US Standard Area
  Area of Circle, Triangle, Square, Rectangle,
Parallelogram, Trapezium, Ellipse and Sector


world Metric Volumes
us US Standard Volumes
  Measuring Cups
weight and mass

Weight or Mass

world Metric Mass
us US Standard Mass
  Weight or Mass?
  Apparent Weight

Time and Date

tick Clocks - Digital and Analog
tick Analog and Digital Clocks Animation
tick Date and Time Clock (24 hour and AM/PM)
tick Stopwatches
tick Adding and Subtracting Time
tick Day of the Week you were Born
tick Months
tick AD and BC
tick Leap Years
tick Earth's Orbit and Daylight
tick Sun Clock
tick World Time Zones
tick The Time - Converting AM/PM to 24 Hour Clock
tick Time Worksheets


How do you change from one measurement to another? If you know how long something is in meters, but need to know feet? Or square inches to square meters? You need to know how to do Conversions!

tick Conversion of Length (a simple intro to conversion)
tick Conversion of Area
tick Conversion of Volume
tick How to Convert Imperial to Metric
tick How to Convert Metric to Imperial
tick Metric Imperial Conversion Charts
tick Unit Conversion Method
tick Unit Conversion Tool

How hot or cold is it going to be today? Is 40° Celsius nice weather? How about 40° Fahrenheit?


tick Interactive Thermometer
tick Conversion of Temperature - Celsius to Fahrenheit


world Metric Speed/Velocity
us US Standard Speed/Velocity


The "Unit" in Measurement