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Assorted Maths Puzzles and Quizzes

Try the links below to find some puzzles for you to try
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Make a Letter T   Make a Square   Apple Problem   Pencils and Jars
Test your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division   Tower of Hanoi
Make a Letter F   Make a Letter H   Average Arms Problem  Who Owns The Fish?
Is This True?   Letters To Numbers   Marquis De L'Hopital   Flipping Discs   Pentomino Challenge
Logic Puzzle - Who owns the crocodile   Connect 4   Guess my number   Lazy Gardener Problem
Chicken Crossing   Census Problem   Bank Problem   Cellar problem   Pool Balls Problem

Not all problems will have a solution on this site.
But if you need help either press the help button at
the bottom of the problem page or try these links below

Letter T Solved   Letter F Solved   Letter H Solved   Square Solved   Pencils and Jars Solution
Average Arms Solution   Tower of Hanoi Solver   Lazy Gardener Solution
Chicken Crossing Solution   Census Solution   Bank Solution   Cellar Solution   Pool Balls Solution